Monday, January 21, 2013

Pearl's New Home..

Pearl is fitting right in with her new family in Kentucky!
This is a little nap after a long flight and her exhausting day in her kennel! (How cute is her pearl collar?)
She didn't waste any time gettin to know her new buddy Alvey..
And now you can all see why we nick named her bunny! Sh looks like a little cottontail!
"We absolute adore her though! She really is such a sweetie. I let her sleep with me last night and she slept the whole time. She's really fitting in well and I'm sooo glad we got her. I want to thank you for all the hard work and dedication you have put into her for the past two months. All the pictures, blogs, emails, information, toys, ...well just everything. You are a fabulous breeder and I was blessed to have you. I love all the information you sent me and that book is awesome. I'm going to start reading it tonight because all the information in it is very interesting. Anyway I couldn't thank you enough...for real! Feel free to contact us at anytime to check on Pearl and I'll send you more pictures later on so you can see how she is doing and growing up. Thanks!"
Oh Pearl, you really are a little gem! We love you baby and know you will be SO happy in your new home!!

Bogarts New Home..

Bogart, now Tobie, is fitting right in with his new family! No lack of hugs and kisses here!!
"(My 5 year old)  wakes up early every morning to take him out!
he doesn't quite have enough energy to keep up with this little guy. :)
"My 17 year old stayed home on a Friday night waiting to meet this little guy. Then, Saturday, he had several girls stop by to play with the dog. Guess he realizes Puppies help with the ladies. Hahaha"
 "Tobie is doing fantastic! He has adjusted very well to life with three kids and a peek-a-poo. :)
He is very playful, doing great with housebreaking, and getting better with the kennel. :)
The kennel whining is totally our fault. The kids never want to put him in it. I finally had to lay down the law and make him have more of a routine, which includes the kennel! He still wakes at 3am to go pee and poop, but he is still so little that I don't mind. It is like having a baby all over again. Lol
Tobie enjoyed his first trip to the pet store yesterday. He has so many people wanting to pet or hold him and he was completely fine with it. He is truly a little sweet heart!" 
Oh, we miss our little toe biter.. But knowing he is snuggled and spoiled with attention makes it all ok..

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Empty Nest..

All of our pups are in their new homes now! Tucker (Ashton) was the first to go, and is loving his new family in Salt Lake City, Utah.. Louie (Hudson) adores his new family in Lehi, Utah.. Coco (Coco Chanel) is snuggled and kissed by her new family in Orem, Utah.. Pearl (they kept her name Pearl) barely made her flight due to the freezing weather here, but made it safely to her loving new home and play mate Alvey, in London, Kentucky.. Toby (Bogart) Arrived safely after a delayed flight, due to mechanical problems on his plane, to his adoring new home in Germantown, Tennesee.. And last but not least, Humphrey (they are keeping his name too!) Arrived a little shaken up, but safe and sound and is loving his new family and play mate Daphne in Huntington, New York!
We feel a little lost. My daughter especially misses the pups. We always get too attached, but I guess that is what makes them so well rounded and social puppies.
I will post updated pictures as I get them so feel free to check back periodically to see how all of our Carter Canines are doing!  

Humphrey's New Home..

After BARELY making his flight, because of weather.. Humphrey made it safely to his new home in New York! He is now enjoying his new family and being completely spoiled with hugs & kisses!

They have decided to keep his name Humphrey.. it really does fit him. The best part of raising puppies is knowing they are going to good loving homes!
We miss you little man! But we know you will be happy in your new home!
"He is the best puppy ever! So calm but playful. He is so easy going and we are having so much fun with him!! He did great last night. Slept in crate from 11:45 pm and woke up a little before am. Not one poopy accident (I know I'm jinxing myself)"
Yay for Humphrey!! So glad he is fitting in and being a good little doggie!!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

8 Weeks Old..

I can't believe it has been 8 weeks since these babies were born! The first two weeks feels like a month, then the rest of the time just flies by!
Bogart, Pearl, Humphrey
No one wanted to pose for my last picture.. Who blames them when I have a floor covered in toys and two kids that are begging me to hurry so they can play with the puppies..
This bunch of puppies have been SO much fun! They are all so smart and are doing so well in their Kennels and potty training!
They got their touch up haircuts yesterday, Health Certificates today.. Bathed and Blow Dried tonight..I think we are ready to go!
Weather permitting, the last of our little bunch are going to their new homes tomorrow! Fingers crossed, Jack Frost is our friend!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Coco Chanel's New Family..

This little girl reminds me soo much of her mama..We are all really going to miss her spunky personality.. Her cuddles and her growls, that kindof sound like a hissing cat.. :)
Her new family has come on a weekly basis to visit her, so she is familiar with them and wasn't very nervous.. They recently lost their schnauzer and are so excited to start the new puppy adventure! In fact SO excited they came three days early.. They just couldn't wait any longer, and I don't blame them because she is a sweetie.. We'll miss you 'coco bean'  
Coco's mama doesn't have horns.. She is just standing in front of our mounted buck, ha ha.. Just thought I should point that out.. Hey, I never claimed to be a photographer! lol.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Only 5 MORE Days!!

It's getting closer!! I am going to miss every one of these puppies! We love them all soo much! They have been such a huge part of our life the last 2 months!

I'm getting all of their 'stuff' and paperwork together and will be shipping it to their new families tomorrow.. Just a couple of corrections.. They are eating solid food now, so you don't have to soften it.. You'll just want to make sure they get drinks of water periodically throughout the day.. Don't worry if they don't eat for the first 24hours.. Such an adjustment to change surroundings and families. They will be fine and should be back on their food  by Saturday evening or starving by Sunday morning. They are just about sleeping through the night! You will want to get up with them to let them outside in the middle of the night though, just until they are use to the time change..

I'm always available via email or telephone if you ever have ANY questions or concerns! Only a few more days!